Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Actually dah lama nk blog about this cuma tak sempat nak blogging cos internet is so damn slow like siput sedut...terkemut-kemut I nak upload gambar.. So, ni nak cerita pasal items yang I ordered a few months back. Its a fitflop n victoria secret thingy.. Items actually sampai on scheduled date cuma the Citylink Express boy don't found my address padahal their office is quite near to my house.. Actually they did call me tapi time tu tak sempat nak angkat n I missed the call.. i dont't expect the call tu from Citylink so I just ignored it. A few days after I went to their office and asked them about my parcel.... Thankkkkkk God it still there.. So I just collect them anyway.

I wore fitflop during my trip to kl a few days ago. I love it!!!... it doesn't give any pain to my feet. highly recomended. will buy this brand again next time for a very comfy sandal..
About the Victoria Secret Body Mist, I bought the limited edition which is Pure Seduction Midnight, Love Spell Midnight and Amber Romance Midnight... n I love all of them..i rank the Pure Seduction to be the first, the second is Amber Romance and the last is Love Spell.. i use VS body mist after shower n before bed.. So thats all..
ohhh, forgot to mention, i bought all of them from klpremiumoutlet..