Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Velvet for first timer...

Last 2 days I teringin sangat nak makan red velvet cake after baca review from Thepinkstilettos pasal kesedapan berganda this red velvet cake.. When first I saw the picture of the cake memang drooling u know (tu baru tengok pic) ... If u look at the colour of the cake and the cream cheese somemore, its mouthwatering I tell u people.. the colour of the red velvet memang red gojes and the cream cheese...all I can say, its YUMMY!!

Have u ever seen any cakes in dangerously red colour??..No?.. Now, have a look...

I bake this cake all by myself okayy... I got the recipe after trying very hard googling about the red velvet recipe..*ok, tipu..xde la hard mana pun..I just click2 pakai jari jer...ehehhhe... Cara nak buat cake tu very easy peasy jer.. Yang time nak apply the cream cheese memang xmenahan, berpeluh kemain ya ampun..memang tobat letih la..

When my mum saw this cake dia memang terkejut dengan kemerahannya yang very the obvious ittew.. Tapi ending nya my mum la yang paling banyak makan.. sedap katanya..cream cheese nya sangat rich okay.. If sapa2 nak try sila google sendiri yer, i malas nak taip the recipe.. Okay, watamat....Selamat mencuba..

Friday, September 17, 2010

Syawal come again...

It's been so long since last I updated this blog... Hmmm, ingatkan dah bersawang blog ni. Anyway, I hope its not too late for me to wish all Muslims Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.. Better late than never kan kan? *wink*

For me, this is my second time I menyambut Syawal as a wife.. oopps, sorry guys..gambar my hubby have to be blurred.. he's to shy to reveal..

Sambutan raya I macam biasa jer, ala kadar..hmm, nothing much cuma ada benda yang buat I sedikit terkilan.. Well, i'm not gonna blog about it..ok, end of my raya story.. So, how's your raya celebration peeps???