Saturday, January 15, 2011


I just did a so-called therapy a couple of days ago...heeee..this is my first time making an online purchase directly from  the US steps.. i was so nervous, takut items ordered tak sampai Malaysia. before this i selalu beli from personal shopper je.. time tu jakun..hihi.. i've ordered blouses and a pants from try with a few items first..kalau  tak sampai takde la rugi banyak kira gamble tau..

At that time Old Navy is having a massive sale, if im not mistaken sekarang pun still ada sale lagi..up to the price is quite reasonable.. i choose item yang on sale je..hihi..i sangat kedekut okay.. Now i have to wait for a few days more for my items to arrived at my US address.. then lepas tu baru boleh ship to Malaysia.. i really hope it will turn out okay..if all items arrived safely so next time i wanna buy a lotttttttttt of blouses and other things directly from merchant.. buy in bulk gitu so that i dont have to go to shpping mall for at least 6 months...heee..hmmm,  that sounds interesting..i shud deal with them carefully so i wont do any mistake anymore..

Friday, January 7, 2011


Today, my entry is all about health...hehe..not to say that i am a health conscious person but a bit to share what do i consume currently.. my menstrual cycle is not stable at all. they come n go as they like..not following the menstrual cycle as it suppose to be.. n i know there's a percentage of women out there having the same problem with me.. okay, i do take evening primrose oil as my hormones is not as normal as women who has basically stable period cycle.. emm, what i can say is the EPO helps me a bit..emmmm bleh la tahan..nk cakap macam mana eh,sendiri pikir boleh???hehe..the pharmacist kata the EPO can improves the skin texture but so far i rasa nothing happen..macam biasa je..

Actually other than EPO, i also take vitamin c, l-glutathione n collagen as my daily la, apa yg kita eat everyday tu can't provide enough vitamins for our body kan.. so kena la invest sket utk supplement ni..bak kata pepatah "prevention is better than cure"....huhuhahaha...relate ke pepatah tu dengan vitamins yg i makan tu??

Anyhoo.. watch out what you eat gorgeous ladies!! is crucial i tell you..i baru je start utk diet..tapi the main point is not to have a model look alike figure but more to health la. eh iye ke ni?? hehe..layankan je la... :p

this is what i ate for dinner recently..until now..but not everyday la..almost.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Ting ting ting ting ting ting!!!!!!!!!!! (bunyi loceng van citylink datang nak hantar barang)...hehe..just kidding..
i am excited becos item ordered from klpremium dah sampai ...yeay!!!! *clap clap*...but this item is not meant for me....its for my other half..his birthday is approaching. so i bought something for show him how much i love him, how much i care about him. just to make him happy..its a surprise anyway..hmmm...xde la surprise mana punnnn...hihi

hopefully my hubby baca this blog after 21st January...hmmm..kalau dia baca pun, buat-buat surprise je la nanti ni.. :D

nice kan kan kan???

the item memang dah sampai in a very nice tak payah susah-susah wrap ke ape ke..ribon pn dah ada lovely...can't wait to give the present to him..hopefully he will like it..even tak seberapa tapi ikhlas dari hati.. i kan jobless..bagi je la apa yang mampu...


Auwww!!!..benda ni actually dah banyak hari di tag oleh Ciposh, its just that i xsempat nak update blog.. well, u know how busy i am as a jobless person....hahaha...sounds cliche..ok lets start with:

  1. most of my friend call me Azee..n my family members n my childhood friends call me yani..
  2. i am kelantanese..pure kelantanese okay
  3. gonna reach 25 years old soon
  4. ex-student of Uitm
  5. pathetic,,am i?
  6. dah lama memendam rasa nk buat business online tp masih tertangguh becos of kemalasan.. ;p
  7. i love baking
  8. suka shopping barang dapur walaupun jarang masak
  9. i am married btw
  10. i love hows my life going on at the moment
  11. i love designers handbag but thats not suppose i can buy it anytime i want (my hubby wont let me anw)..i have quota for your i hate quota...
  12. not really into shoes
  13. i love the shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella
  14. i love make up
  15. Tomyam is my all time favourite
  16. seorang yg malas bangun tengah berusaha utk mengatasinya
  17. never study or work outside kelantan..since diploma sampai la degree..i spent 5 years an a half kt Machang Uitm..aishhhh
  18. pernah bercita-cita nk sambung ACCA tp entah dah rasa malasssss
  19. tak suka orang yang suka pinjam duit...haha..boleh x macam tu?
  20. i wanna be a smart buyer, not impulse buyer...
  21. i cant wear any gaves me blisters... perhaps a Salvatore Ferragamo would be okay with me...hahah
  22. im living with my mom for the moment
  23. looking forward to have my own dream house by this year
  24. tak suka makan nasi yg baru lepas masak..panassss...kalau yg suam2 tu just nice with me
  25. baru start minum anlene...hehe..utk mengelakkan tulang rapuh pada usia lah..i just discover after i drink anlene, it can reduce constipation..smooth gitu..auwww!!!!

THATS ALL....watamat n sekian..